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We offer a wide variety of recreational tumbling classes to choose from.  If you are looking to grasp the fundamentals or grow your current skills further we have a class for you. Our tumble coaches are top of the line with 15+ years of experience in the industry and we know they can help your athletes grow!


When joining our classes you will need to be evaluated by one of our tumble coaches in order for us to place your athlete in the correct class.


Here is a break down of the tumbling classes we offer:


Tumble 1 (1-Hour Class)

Handstands, Forward and Backward Rolls, Cartwheels, Round-Off, Bridge Kickover, Front Limber, Back Walkover/Front Walkover, Cartwheel-Back Walkover


Tumble 2 (1-Hour Class)

Back Handspring/Front Handspring, Round Off- Back Handspring, Back Walkover-Back Handspring, Front Walkover-RoundOff-Back Handspring


Tumble 3 (1-Hour Class)

Series Back Handspring from standing and running, Back Tucks/Front Tucks.  We also work on more advanced skills in this class as this is our highest level we offer at the moment.


Back/Front Handspring Intensity Class (30-Minute Class)

This high intensity class focuses on only working Back Handsprings.  This class is open to anyone who is new to back handsprings or just wanting to clean or master the back handspring. 


Tuck Intensity Class (30-Minute Class)

This class is open to athletes who have already mastered back handspring.  This is a 30 minute intense class learning running and standing front and back tucks.

Boys Tumbling Class (1-Hour Class)

This class is open to boys ages 5+ who want to learn how to tumble in an all male enviroment.  The skill range is from beginner to advanced.  

Recreational Cheer Classes

Our Recreational Cheer program offers a non-competitive environment for athletes of all skill levels. Whether you're interested in trying cheerleading before joining a team, seeking to learn new skills, or simply looking to have fun, Rec Cheer has something for everyone. From basic to elite skills, we focus on tumbling, stunts, jumps, and choreography. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore cheerleading without the pressure of competition. Join us for an exciting journey of learning and enjoyment!

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